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We find evidence with boldness and efficiency. Constraints don’t stop Compliancia investigators; with human and technological resources, our investigative intelligence generates unfair advantages for our clients. Our diverse and resource-ready team is always ready for the next challenge.


Detecting and avoiding, but acting with force when necessary. Compliancia’s protection team relies on discretion for tailored security, with counter-surveillance measures to prevent and hinder opponents. Our covert team is up-to-date with new technologies, tools and techniques.

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Identifying and preventing with efficiency and empathy. Compliancia's consultants are sharing intelligence and savoir-faire to better shield individuals and companies against attacks. Our protective intelligence team is ready to share.

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Freedom to act without international reporting


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Asian investigators with a global reach, Compliancia is a Swiss-owned company with a Bangkok command center and a diversified Asian team.

We assist companies and their counsels on investigations and business disputes, uncovering hidden risks and opportunities for individuals and companies.

With an active protective unit, Compliancia also offers modern, discreet, and effective close protection and security solutions in Thailand.

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some of us

Major General Piyadech Meedech

Major General Piyadech Meedech

Non-Executive Director and Advisor

Major General PIYADECH Meedech has spent his whole life in the military, successfully rising to serve as a Major General of the Royal Thai Army. Actively enlisted, he currently works in the Department of Defense of the Kingdom of Thailand and is closely related to major security authorities and agencies in Thailand. Major General Meedech is a non- executive director of Compliancia.

Ploy. C

Ploy. C

Junior Investigator

Ploy is a Thai national who joined Compliancia as the most recent addition. She joined the team after 11 years as a lead investigator in an international investigation firm, managing multiple teams on and off-site.



Corporate investigations and Non-Executive director

Fred is a strategic advisor with over 30 years of experience in Hong Kong, Macau, and Mainland China. He is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist, an Accredited Certified Mediator, and a fellow Hong Kong Institute of Directors member. With extensive experience advising on tax optimization and offshore structuration, Fred contributes to typical assignments such as UBO identification, undeclared corporate structures, and nominee and proxy detection.

Sasha. F

Sasha. F

Investigator and Analyst

Sasha has ten years of experience conducting background checks and due diligence for a private management company with cross-border operations. As an OSINT specialist with close ties to the Philippine Army and Police Forces, Sasha adds extensive law enforcement knowledge to each case.

Saenchai. W

Saenchai. W

Operational security manager

Saenchai is an ex-military and Royal Thai Police lieutenant working as an operation security manager in the private field for Compliancia. He has extensive experience managing small security teams for field work and training. He likes to pay close attention to details and consider multiple parameters.

business investigation


business investigation

Compliancia mitigates business risks with a strong knowledge of unfair business practices and criminal activities in Southeast Asia. We know how to support companies and their counsel realistically. Compliancia understands the difficulties and specific mentalities and can easily navigates in sometimes unclear situations.

Our typical assignments are not limited to the below examples

  • Business partners investigations.
  • Mapping of ownership of undisclosed and/or offshore corporate structures.
  • UBO and nominee detection.
  • Foreign assets search.
  • Assets Recoverability Assessment.
  • Corruption and internal fraud.
  • Evidence gathering.
  • Offshore ownership.
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Case 1 “Nominee and proxy detection”

Compliancia investigated a Hong Kong company that was supposed to purchase a company owned by our client. Upon investigation our team discovered incoherencies in the profile of the director and shareholder of the Hong Kong company and determined that this individual was acting as a proxy on behalf of someone else.

Further investigation, by mapping the other corporate vehicles of the individual, demonstrated with a high probability that in fact a competitor of our client was trying to obtain confidential information.

It was decided to feed the competitor with incorrect information before stopping exchanges on a false pretext.

Case 2 “Internal Fraud”

Freelancers working under a collaboration agreement with a Hong Kong company were diverting the company clients to their own structure in Thailand. Compliancia provided sufficient information for the Police to start an investigation in Thailand and to obtain the freezing of the freelancers’ bank accounts.

Compliancia assisted the Police investigation by presenting proofs and additional elements in Thai.

Case 3 “Tentative theft”

A client of Compliancia , Art broker, was approached by scammers for the purchase of a painting valued at more than 5 million. During the due diligence process our team determined some incoherencies in the proposed Sales and Purchase Agreement and discovered that the law firm which supposedly prepared the document was simply not existing at all!

The scammers used as a purchaser an existing company which would at first glance not attract attention and had then intended to seize the painting during the inspection phase by requesting the painting to be shipped to an accomplice at Port Franc. The proposed deal was obviously stopped.


thailand investigation

Offering offensive and defensive intelligence services in Thailand demands a lot of personal contacts and the possibility of walking, chatting, and waiting for specific information and documents. Even with very little initial information, Compliancia’s team of investigators can gather intelligence and collect information to help you make decisive choices. We have provided intelligence on crucial details such as bank account identification, criminal record checks, phone number ownership, Thai identity card information, foreigners working in Thailand, registered vehicles, company documents, and land registry documents.

For local law firms or with the support of local lawyers, Compliancia can assist with:

  • Business partners investigations.
  • Identify and interview witnesses.
  • Collect evidence.
  • Prepare investigation reports in Thai, enabling law firms to ease communication and exchanges with police forces and /or prosecutors.
  • Retrieve supposedly confidential information such as bank accounts and ownership of phone numbers.

thailand investigation

thailand investigation


thailand investigation

Compliancia understands and knows how to complex environments to avoid further questioning and local limitations due to specific laws and practices, such as the admissibility of certain information and documents in court.

In Thailand, our typical assignments are not limited to the below examples.

  • Confirmation of suspicion
  • Missing person
  • Identifying witnesses
  • Assets Recoverability assessment
  • Land and property ownership
  • UBO and nominee detection
  • Business partners investigations
  • Corruption and internal fraud
  • Surveillance/Countersurveillance
  • Gathering evidence on incidents and accidents
  • Covert site visits.
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Case 1 “Suspicious business venture”

An individual based in Thailand approached Compliancia to verify the background of a new potential business partner. The customer had grown wary of said business partner due to a business negotiation gone wrong, despite the little information provided by the customer, Compliancia was able to retrieve essential information on the business partner which revealed some very influential connection to local politicians and business leaders. Compliancia had advised on the potential risk to the customer.

Case 2 “Skip tracing”

A foreign customer inquired Compliancia to find a person based in Thailand. This person had left our customer with a substantial unpaid bill. Compliancia launched an investigation and was able to uncover a large panel of companies associated with that person and was able to trace back the residential location of the criminal. In a further phase of investigation, Compliancia was able to work hand in hand with a Thai law firm, the Royal Thai Police, and a bounty hunter service to capture the criminal.

Case 3 “Credit card scam”

A customer approached Compliancia to inquire about the legitimacy of a potential business partner. Said business partner has supposedly made large purchases in Thailand, Compliancia investigated the person and the business partner, his pay slips and his digital proofs which uncovered a scam. Compliancia immediately warned the customer of the scam taking place.


employee background check

The costs to hire and train an employee are increasing. The new way of working, often with a time split between office presence and remote work, is a new source of abuse.

The cost of having a bad employee is far higher than we charge to mitigate the risk. Compliancia can verify and deter any plausible negative information that would put at risk your organization's image, end goal and vision.

Findings and verifications are such as

  • Employment check
  • Criminal record check
  • Income check
  • Referral check
  • Education check
  • Drug check
  • Address verification
  • Interview for reputation check
  • Data breach check
  • Digital footprint

employee background check

Case 1 “Poor image”

A background check was conducted on a potential employee for one of Compliancia’s customer. During the research it was found that the candidate had private social media account where he frequently posted misogynistic content which did not align with our customer’s brand image.

Case 2 “Exit monitoring”

A background check was conducted on an employee after quitting from Compliancia’s customer company. An exit monitoring revealed that said employee had quit to go work at a competitor of our customer, this then launched a further investigation to verify if the employee left with confidential information.

Case 3 “High stakes”

A background check was conducted on a candidate for an executive assistant position, a position with high stakes and access to confidential information. During the screening it was found that the candidate was strongly not recommended by her ex-employer, it was also found through reputation checks that the candidate was often taking advantage of her ex-employer and had potentially stolen large amounts of money.

thailand surveillance


thailand surveillance

Compliancia investigators can conduct surveillance missions all over Thailand and neighboring countries. Often neglected, surveillance work is only possible to execute with the proper setting. The security risk of being exposed could put the team in serious trouble.

The risks are varied, from criminals fearing an imminent attack and retaliation to armed individuals fearing for their safety or disturbing an ongoing police investigation.

Compliancia can readily deploy a team of Thai and foreigners, man or woman, of various ages to assist with the surveillance. Compliancia’s investigation team uses know-how and technology to conduct surveillance.

Typical surveillance assignments are

  • Contact and pretexts visits for unfair competition cases
  • Employee misconduct, inside and outside the workplace
  • Counter-surveillance operation, identifying perpetrators of corporate espionage
  • Missing persons, monitoring known associates or locations
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Case 1 “Concrete proof”

A cement factory suspected employees to steal deliveries and to provide a competitor with the stolen merchandise. Compliancia team installed a long-distance surveillance from a nearby jungle and caught on camera the cupids. Police acted on the evidence collected.

Case 2 “Hot bed”

A married CEO was victim of blackmail from his mistress, Compliancia investigate and did an intensive surveillance to determine if she was acting alone or with the support of accomplices, then considering that she was alone in this tentative of extorsion a legal team negotiated a final settlement.

Case 3 “Site visit”

Compliancia was asked to set up a surveillance on a factory to count how the ins and outs, as well as evaluating the turnover and the existence of assets for a recoverability assessment through extensive surveillance both static and mobile.


security driver protection

The security driver will never leave the vehicle unattended unless in the case of an emergency. Their main role is to drive safely with the shortest and safest routes while keeping open eyes to detect any potential surveillance team or potential threats.

Compliancia’s security drivers works closely with the bodyguard of the customer or with one or multiple close protection officers provided by Compliancia.

The vehicle is specifically equipped to sustain from the realistic risks of driving in Bangkok or any major city in Southeast Asia. One risk in Bangkok being to be far away (because of traffic jam) from a hospital or being tailed by a surveillance team on motorbikes.

What to expect from Compliancia’s security driver

  • Automated external defibrillator (AED) to revive from cardiac arrest.
  • First aid kit and trauma kit.
  • Private and confidential Wi-Fi on board the vehicle, with encrypted connection to ensure confidentiality of communications.
  • Constant communication from the driver to our HQ to communicate (in multiple languages) with the client or his team - at distance environment and situational monitoring, including tracking of the vehicle and of the driver.

The cost difference between a “normal driver” and our security driver in an equipped vehicle is low, meaning that businessmen or families without specific security needs will finds with this service a very attractive solution.

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security driver protection

Case 1 “Tailing issue”

Compliancia’s security driver assisted and drove a customer and his family in Bangkok for several days, the car was equipped with video monitoring and after warnings issued by our driver, the team reviewed the footage and it was revealed that the car was being followed by someone, it turned out to be a private detective in Thailand.

Case 2 “Peace of mind”

A customer had asked for a security driver for his 3-day business trip in Bangkok, the customer was meeting unknown business partners that had poor reputation, and our customer wanted to travel with a peace of mind.

close protection


close protection

Compliancia believes that an efficient and effective protection service should ease the lives of the protected individuals and be discreet to avoid attracting attention. Blending in the environment, with advance visits and intelligence gathering, in addition to the support of our command center, the Compliancia protection team is agile and proactive.

With a deep understanding of Thailand’s realities, our team will avoid issues and detect surveillance, taking counter-surveillance measures to protect the privacy and confidentiality of our customers. Compliancia is constantly liaising with the existing protection team of the customer to be protected, whether they accompany the customer or not.

What to expect from our close protection team

  • Fully covert, discreet, and unseen. If you are looking for suit-and-tie security, this is not our operation mode; we go by discretion for your security.

Before your arrival

  • Conduct thorough research about the principal and guests to understand their background and potential security risks.
  • Verify the expected schedule and plan potential routes, ensuring efficient and secure transportation.
  • Perform advance visits, threat analysis, environment mapping, and risk assessment to address security concerns preemptively
  • Assess the existing security measures and suggest further enhancements to ensure comprehensive protection.
  • We can arrange VIP arrival with a police escort to ensure safe and secure transportation.

close protection

During your stay

  • Conduct bug sweeps of the hotel or office location using non-linear junction detectors to detect passive and active surveillance devices.
  • Install a private and encrypted WiFi router to ensure secure internet connectivity in the hotel room.
  • Set up a temporary private network with camera and movement detection capabilities for added security.
  • Continuously assess and secure the following location of meetings through real-time advance visits by observation teams.
  • Provide motorbike assistance to navigate through traffic swiftly and serve as a quick evacuation vehicle if needed.
  • Deploy drones for surveillance purposes to enhance security measures.
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After your stay

  • Compile a comprehensive mission report, including threat analysis, and automatically delete files 72 hours after delivery unless instructed otherwise.
  • Provide pictures or videos of identified potential threats to the security team back home for further evaluation and action if necessary.
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close protection

Case 1 “touché”

A well-known French entrepreneur, often present in French medias, wanted to conduct few days of discreet business meetings in Bangkok. Compliancia’s team started the preparation by eliminating hotels and restaurants with a known French presence or French ownership. Alternative locations with discreet entrances or exits points were selected. The client came with his own close protection officer and Compliancia provided a security driver and the necessary assistance.

Case 2 “Chinese visitors”

A Chinese businessman facing a tense situation requested Compliancia’s team to conduct advance locations visits during his stay in Bangkok, his security team received a report before his arrival, but Compliancia also sent a reconnaissance team to the location few hours before his arrival. The reconnaissance team integrated a Thai lady speaking Chinese who identified Chinese nationals wanting to confront the client and waiting for him in the lobby, the meeting was changed to another location.

Case 3 “Precious privacy”

A Taiwanese gems dealer is systematically accompanied by a security driver and a bodyguard while coming every month to Bangkok to purchase gems. The protection is very discreet as the gem business is only based on trust and displaying security would negatively influence his dealings.

domestic logical support


domestic logical support

The Compliancia team offers many solutions to support a foreign close protection team operating in Thailand.

  • Local advice and insights.
  • Advances visit to check the security of the location.
  • Providing material such as communications devices, self-defense weapons, and first aid.
  • security and safety equipment.
  • Security drivers and close protection officers.
  • TSCM Services and counter-surveillance detection services.
  • Additional guards for residence.
  • CCTV and alarm for residence.

Case 1 “Tropical Assistance”

An American CEO in the automotive industry rented a villa in Koh Samui to spend a week after a fierce cession of negotiations in Thailand, his team requested Compliancia to evaluate the risks and to provide additional security. Compliancia provided 3 basic security guards for the residence, installed an additional security system with CCTV, provided 2 security drivers with local vehicles, one Thai bodyguard with local connections, plus recommended low risks specific locations.

Case 2 “extended help”

Compliancia provided telecommunication equipment and a TSCM bug sweep service for a hotel suite to a foreign security team. For the same team few days later in another location the Compliancia team provided a boat to anker in front of a private residence and regular drone surveillance rounds within the surroundings of the house.

consulting and training

Compliancia understands the need for residents to build their own security - without external management.

Renewed and continuous training is essential to stay on top of the game. Compliancia designed a modern and up-to-date training syllabus.

Available are

  • Digital awareness: data privacy, information exchange, online footprint, habits to adopt.
  • Physical training: First aid responder, CPR, and AED (Automated External Defibrillator) training.
  • Fire control training.
  • Active shooter
  • Shooting drill with Thai ex-navy seal, special warfare, commando, and Thai SWAT.
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consulting and training

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Compliancia has a significant international network: businessmen, bankers, lawyers, corporate services providers, veterans or active members of Police and Army forces, industry specialists, journalists and fixers, colleagues’ investigators, and protection officers.

We are always looking for interesting backgrounds and are open to unusual profiles. Please get in touch with us to join our network as a freelancer, services provider, or employee.